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Solve your Near Vision Problems with the KAMRA Inlay

Kamra Inlay for Presbyopia

Having some trouble seeing your text messages? Is it difficult to apply your eye make-up? If you are at mid-life, you know what we are talking about. It’s that frustrating, irritating and sometimes embarrassing issue with blurry near vision. Now it’s possible to solve your near vision problems with the KAMRA Inlay at OptiVision Eye Care.

If you keep a pair of reading glasses by your bed and another at your desk at work, but never seem to have them handy when you really need them, keep reading. The KAMRA Inlay is breakthrough technology that can eliminate the pair on your head or (gasp) around your neck. Why scream, “I’m middle aged,” when you don’t look it or feel it.

In a brief 20 minute procedure you can leave all that behind you!

Death, Taxes, and Presbyopia

Some things are just inevitable. Those issues with reading small print are caused by Presbyopia and they are inescapable. It affects everyone starting in their 40s and 50s. The natural lens in our eyes loses its ability to change focus as we age and objects in our close vision or intermediate vision become blurry. It gradually becomes more difficult to see the computer screen, the dashboard of our cars and read small print.

To compensate most patients use readers, bifocals or wear mono-vision contact lenses. Now all that has changed with the KAMRA Inlay.

How the KAMRA Inlay Works

The KAMRA Inlay is a tiny donut shaped device smaller than a contact lens and thinner than a human hair. The surgeons at OptiVision Eye Care will insert the Inlay under the surface of your cornea and over the pupil. It narrows the focal point of light entering your eye and increases the range of clear vision giving you better vision at both near and intermediate ranges.

KAMRA-inlayIt is accomplished in a brief painless procedure and no stitches are needed. Near vision is restored in a matter of days to a month. Patients are treated with prescription eye drops and return for follow up appointments.

OptiVision is the only practice in Wisconsin with this advanced KAMRA Inlay technology to improve your near vision problems.

Clinical Trial Results to Date

A three year study was conducted to gage the effectiveness and satisfaction with the KAMRA Inlay prior to being approved in the US.  508 patients were studied and after the 3 year study, 87% had at least 20/40 vision giving patients the ability to read the newspaper in good light.

Since the FDA approved the KAMRA Inlay in April, 2015 there have been 1696 procedures performed and only 14 (0.83%) patients had the device removed. Some felt it was not as effective for them as they would have liked, others had minor complications.

OptiVision surgeons, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Dudley, will evaluate your vision and only recommend the KAMRA Inlay to those patients who are good candidates for this procedure.

Benefits of the KAMRA Inlay

Besides throwing away your multiple pairs of reading glasses, there are many other benefits over other near vision fixes:

  • Quality near vision is restored. Clearly see the tiny labels on medications and ingredients in food.
  • The Inlay can be removed if you are not happy with its results.
  • Your distance vision remains intact.
  • Peripheral vision is not affected.
  • Continue to enjoy golf, tennis and other activities that require good depth perception.

As with all eye surgeries, there are risks and benefits. The FDA has acknowledged that with the KAMRA Inlay the benefits outweigh the risks.

It is crucial to find an experienced eye surgeon who will do a thorough eye exam like the doctors at OptiVision Eye Care. You can trust that they will only recommend treatments that will improve the quality of your life.

Even patients who had LASIK when they were younger will eventually have near vision problems. If you are not prepared the live out the second half of your life with limited vision, then consider the KAMRA Inlay.

Conquer Mid-Life

You don’t have to succumb to every mid-life situation especially near vision problems. No need for glasses on your head or around your neck. Now you can look as young as you feel, and see life more clearly.

Find out if the KAMRA Inlay is a good choice for your near vision problems. Contact the eye professionals at OptiVision Eye Care.

Time to take back your great vision, conquer mid-life, and enjoy all the freedoms clear vision provides.