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KAMRA Inlay on Good Morning America

reading newspaper

Small print is unavoidable, and for the millions of Americans who struggle with near vision, this means dealing with the hassle of reading glasses. This age related decline affects almost everyone and generally starts at age 40 to 60.

On Good Morning America, KAMRA inlay was introduced as the long awaited solution to a global problem. So what is KAMRA inlay? This surgical procedure inserts a small plastic-like disc in the cornea of one eye, which works to block unfocused rays of light from entering. By allowing only focused light to enter the cornea, near vision appears much clearer eliminating the requirement for those pesky reading glasses. The procedure itself takes on average 20 minutes and is only required in one eye. It is also completely reversible.

At Optivision, we are the only ones who offer this advanced procedure in all of Wisconsin and at a competitive price of $2990. If you are considering KAMRA inlay, please call us at 1.800.20HAPPY for more information or to set up a consultation.

To watch the segment on Good Morning America, click here.