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LASER ENHANCED HD-(Hi Def) Cataract Surgery

“See the difference precision makes”
approximately ~$500 per eye

LASER ENHANCED HIGH DEFINITION technology is the choice for patients who want the best vision. What distinguishes LASER ENHANCED  HIGH DEFINITION CATARACT SURGERY (MACS – HD) from basic cataract surgery is precision. Medicare only requires two standard measurements, one axial length reading (from the front of the cornea to the retina) and one keratometry reading, known as K reading (measures average curvature of the cornea). With LASER ENHANCED HIGH DEFINITION CATARACT SURGERY, your surgeon will take into consideration many more important measurements that help get a more accurate determination of the lens power that’s right for you, as well as exactly where your replacement lens should be implanted.

For example, if you have an astigmatism that requires correction, the incision for your lens may be moved from the standard location to reduce your astigmatism with the replacement lens, or if necessary, Dr. DudleyDr. Clarke or Dr. Schlecht may perform LASIK to fine tune your vision. Although time in surgery with the HD CATARACT SURGERY procedure is not much longer, your pre-operative work in the clinic for eye measurements and testing will take a little longer than for basic cataract surgery. There also may be some additional time after the surgery to assess your vision rehabilitation and do some vision checks.

Eye Measurements: The Key to an Accurate Fit

Eyes are complex structures that have their own shape and size. Additional measurements and diagnostic tests provide your surgeon with the data required to take advantage of the capabilities of a unique intraocular lens that is Bi-Aspheric and more precise than other than other standard monofocal lenses—without the cost of a premium lens.

An aspheric lens improves image quality by reducing the distortion that naturally occurs with a curved lens. This distortion, called spherical aberration, is the major cause of night vision problems, including reduced contrast, halos, glare and the resulting reduced reaction times. Bi-aspheric takes the improvement a step further because it adjusts the optics on both the front and back surfaces of the lens. This helps improve depth of field.

This unique lens comes in quarter-size increments of power vs. the half-size increments of power available with basic lenses. Think of it like buying shoes. The more size options you have, the better the lens will fit your specific eye shape and size. Studies have shown that a quarter-diopter lens is 3 times more accurate than a traditional replacement lens.

As with all cataract procedures, the comprehensive vision examination associated with this procedure is not included in the price of this upgrade and is subject to our routine fees.

Post-operative Exams and Vision Enhancements

Post-op exams for up to six months following the initial procedure and an additional laser enhancement to make the eye refraction optimum for distance and/or near, if it is deemed necessary to be visually beneficial with no significant risk or medical contraindication are also included. Visits and services provided beyond six months will be subject to our routine fees.

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Please call our office, or send a quick email at the form on the right and ask to speak with one of our ophthalmic technicians or one of our surgeons if you would like more information on LASER ENHANCED (HD) HIGH DEFINITION CATARACT SURGERY (MACS—HD). We look forward to serving you!

Stephen S. Dudley, MD FACS
Gerald P. Clarke, MD
Lorne Schlecht, MD

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