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Treat Presbyopia with the KAMRA Inlay

KAMRA Inlay for Presbyopia
You are in the prime of your life and suddenly you can’t read small print or even see the icons on your smartphone clearly. This annoying over 40 visual “curse” is called presbyopia. Now it is possible to permanently treat presbyopia with the KAMRA Inlay at OptiVision Eye Care.

Safely restore your near vision with this new technology and enjoy great vision at all distances.

21st Century Vision Correction for Presbyopia

No one should have to struggle with their vision in the 21st century! In fact we think you should have great vision no matter what your age. This doesn’t mean having several pairs of glasses for different tasks. You don’t have to walk around with a pair of glasses on your head for reading and a pair in the car for driving.

It is frustrating and annoying to put your glasses on for one task only to remove them or replace them for another.

Up until recently the only way to solve the presbyopia curse was using reading glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses. Even if you had LASIK earlier in your life and have been enjoying great distance vision, your near vision will become compromised once you reach your 40s.

If you are not willing to spend the next half of your life with impaired vision, there is a solution available at OptiVision Eye Care.

Now you can correct your near vision with one simple treatment, the KAMRA Inlay.

The Inevitability of Presbyopia

No one can escape the loss of near vision. Aging, even middle age, brings changes to our bodies and that includes our vision. Similar to the way our muscles lose their flexibility, the clear natural lens inside our eyes loses it elasticity and ability to change focus spontaneously. Much like a camera lens, this is how we are able to change from near objects to those in the distance without even thinking about it. Once we reach mid-life, all this changes.

The KAMRA Inlay at OptiVision Eye Care – How it Works

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Dr. Dudley and Dr. Clarke along with their team of professionals at OptiVision Eye Care will always remain on the forefront of the newest technology. The KAMRA Inlay is no exception. This safe surgical procedure will immediately correct presbyopia and restore your near vision for life.

A minuscule ring smaller and thinner than a contact lens is placed under the surface of your cornea and over your pupil. This will change your focal point of vision by narrowing the opening so light will focus directly on your retina. This will provide sharp near and intermediate vision.

It involves a short 20 minute in office procedure. No stitches are required and patients will return for follow up appointments to monitor the healing process. Patients will take prescription eye drops as they heal.

Some Advantages of the KAMRA Inlay to Treat Presbyopia

presbyopiaThere are some real advantages to the presbyopia treatment with the KAMRA Inlay. You can begin with not needing any glasses around your neck, on your head or anywhere else for that matter.

In addition:

  • Your distance vision will not be altered nor is your peripheral vision affected.
  • The KAMRA inlay is lasting and stable. There is no need for a retreatment.
  • Your depth perception is not affected as with other near vision treatments. You can continue with activities that require good depth perception, like golf and tennis.
  • The KAMRA Inlay can be removed. If you are not satisfied with the results, it can be removed with no issue. This is the only presbyopia treatment which can be reversed.
  • You will clearly be able to read your text messages, small print on menus, even ingredients on package labels as your reading vision is restored.

Freedom from the Mid-Life Dilemma

If you are frustrated with being in the prime of your life and yet needing glasses for important work or are embarrassed by constantly pulling out your glasses to read, contact OptiVision Eye Care. Find out if the KAMRA Inlay is the solution for your presbyopia.

You can free yourself from the all day, every day need for glasses. Enjoy the sports you love and see like you did when you were a teenager. Maybe you won’t be able to run as far – or as fast as you could back then, but this remarkable procedure can enhance your life and bring it back into focus.

Enjoy life in focus again.

Choose the presbyopia treatment with the KAMRA Inlay

at OptiVision Eye Care.