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Laser Focused

On Your Vision


At OptiVision Eye Care we are committed to keeping your eyes healthy and happy. Our goal is to give you the best possible vision because healthy eyes and good vision play a critical role throughout our entire lives.

As young children, we develop the visual abilities needed to perform well in school. As teenagers, we use glasses and contact lenses to help keep our vision clear and then as young adults, we enjoy healthy eyes but may encounter visual stress and eventually have difficulty seeing clearly. When those visual changes affect our jobs and extra curricular activities, we seek laser vision correction to maintain a lens-free lifestyle. Cataracts enter the picture in our later years and as they compromise our way of life, we search for multifocal lens options to help us see near and far.

As you navigate through all of the visual changes in your life …. we’ll be here for you.

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We Were the First LASIK Center in Wisconsin Established in 1994!
30,000 Successful LASIK Procedures Completed

LASIK Surgery

Our surgeons are leaders in laser vision correction and can deliver you superior LASIK results at the most affordable pricing in Wisconsin. We have a highly skilled team with a wealth of experience, allowing them to effectively correct both near and distance vision and eliminate the need for glasses in most cases.

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General Eye Care

A comprehensive eye exam can serve as an early detector of serious health problems before other symptoms occur. Through a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor can detect abnormalities, treat them or, when necessary, refer you to the appropriate medical specialist.

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Vision Correction for all Ages

Adolescence Age

For adolescents, glasses and contact lenses are the aid that provides a “bridge” between living with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. You’re too young to have a vision correction procedure because you haven’t reached ocular maturity. In most cases, glasses and contact lenses become a part of adolescence – like braces for your teeth!

Adult Age

Young adulthood is typically when we start to reach the point of relative ocular stability. A vision correction procedure such as LASIK for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism is now an option. Having LASIK in your 20’s and 30’s provides a significant cost savings and safety margin vs. sticking with glasses and contact lenses until age 45 – 50.

Middle Age

Something unique happens in our 40’s and 50’s. Presbyopia – and it affects everyone! The lens of the eye begins to lose the ability to focus and having trouble reading small print is the most notable symptom. Fortunately, there are a variety of vision correction procedures and “lifestyle options” for presbyopia. LASIK, PRK, and monovision are your best options.

Mature Years

For patients over 60, we recommend scheduling regular exams with one of our ophthalmologists. During your mature years, you may develop symptoms related to, but not limited to: Dry Eye, AMD, Glaucoma, DM Retinopathy, flashes and floaters, or retinal detachments. A thorough evaluation with one of our doctors will determine what procedure makes sense for you and your vision goals.

Your Eyes Are Essential to Your Life

For decades, OptiVision Eye Care has been committed to delivering advanced treatments and patient-centered care to help you see the very best you can. When your eyesight is diminished, it can affect every part of your life. Even just dealing with contact lenses or glasses can be a daily hassle. Whether you need a yearly eye exam, you’re considering LASIK, you need cataract surgery, or you’re suffering from dry eyes, the ophthalmologists and optometrists of OptiVision Eye Care can help. Their skill and experience is combined with today’s most advanced technologies and procedures in order to…

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Our Doctors

Medical directors, Dr. Gerald Clarke and Dr. Eric Larson have decades of experience as Northeast Wisconsin’s leading eye surgeons. Dr. Clarke & Dr. Larson develop smooth, consistent surgical techniques that can only lead to improved results and the accumulated expertise of tens of thousands of cases leads to close familiarity with the technology. 

Gerald P. Clarke, MD

Gerald Clarke, MD, a board certified ophthalmologist, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame. He graduated first in his class from Loyola University School of Medicine.

After completing his residency at Milwaukee’s Eye Institute, he founded Ophthalmic Surgery of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. He is a pioneer in his field. He performed the first Radial Keratotomy in Wisconsin, he is an accomplished LASIK laser vision correction surgeon and he has performed thousands of cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

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Eric M. Larson, MD

Eric M. Larson, M.D. is a cornea specialist with training at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Bascom Palmer has been consistently ranked as the best residency program in the country and Dr. Larson has taken his residency and fellowship training from there to bring the most up-to-date and excellent eye care to northeast Wisconsin.

As a board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Larson specializes in ocular surgeries including cornea transplants, cataracts, glaucoma procedures, LASIK, lid procedures and tumors of the anterior eye. He has brought the latest in cornea transplant technology to the area including lamellar transplants which replaces only the back part of the cornea to give faster recoveries and better outcomes.

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Meisha Raven, D.O.

Dr. Meisha Raven, D.O., is a board-certified ophthalmologist and is a fellowship-trained cataract, cornea, and anterior segment surgeon.

She majored in Biomedical Science for her undergraduate training at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, where she graduated cum laude. She completed her medical training at A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona and graduated first in her class. After medical school, Dr. Raven left the desert and accepted a pre-residency fellowship in ocular pathology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. During this fellowship, Dr. Raven authored numerous publications and her work has been cited in the prestigious journal of Ophthalmology.

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What Our Patients Say

"I remember the days when I had to rush to a fire and the contacts would aggravate my eyes. LASIK gives me clear vision at all times and it pays for itself not in the long run, but the short run. Thank you Optivision for the gift of vision."


"I found some great looking Hugo Boss sunglasses at OptiVision’s Optical Shop in Appleton. I think they look pretty cool…(my girlfriend does too!)"


"I took an hour out of my day to have cataract surgery with the MACS HD lens and instantly had clear, bright vision. This is truly vision in high-def."


"Coming up on 10 years since my surgery. Absolutely NO problems and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner."

- BOB A.

"The procedure was amazingly quick and painless. The results are spectacular. The next morning my vision was 20/15! The best way to describe the improvement is that I now see the world in HD (high definition!"


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