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Laser Focused On Your Vision
Patient-centered eye care, service and commitment


At OptiVision Eye Care we are committed to keeping your eyes healthy and happy. Our goal is to give you the best possible vision because healthy eyes and good vision play a critical role throughout our entire lives.

As young children, we develop the visual abilities needed to perform well in school. As teenagers, we use glasses and contact lenses to help keep our vision clear and then as young adults, we enjoy healthy eyes but may encounter visual stress and eventually have difficulty seeing clearly. When those visual changes affect our jobs and extra curricular activities, we seek laser vision correction to maintain a lens-free lifestyle. Cataracts enter the picture in our later years and as they compromise our way of life, we search for multifocal lens options to help us see near and far.

As you navigate through all of the visual changes in your life …. we’ll be here for you.

Vision Correction

Reduce or eliminate the need for glasses & contacts! You're in the office for an hour & most people go back to work the next day!

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Your Eyes Are Essential to Your Life

For decades, OptiVision Eye Care has been committed to delivering advanced treatments and patient-centered care to help you see the very best you can. When your eyesight is diminished, it can affect every part of your life. Even just dealing with contact lenses or glasses can be a daily hassle. Whether you need a yearly eye exam, you’re considering LASIK, you need cataract surgery, or you’re suffering from dry eyes, the ophthalmologists and optometrists of OptiVision Eye Care can help. Their skill and experience is combined with today’s most advanced technologies and procedures in order to…

  • Offer you every modern treatment option
  • Individualize your care to your unique needs and goals
  • Provide the least stressful, most comfortable, patient-friendly treatment
  • Achieve the best possible outcomes

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To assist you in making better-informed Vision Correction choices at each stage in your visual development you need to understand the visual changes accompanying each stage.

Financing Options

We accept most major insurers, including but not limited to Network Health Plan, United Health, Medicare, Humana and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

If you have an exam, diagnostic test or a surgical procedure that is not covered, you will have an opportunity to discuss financing.

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