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If we have to be honest, actually we think any time is a great time to have LASIK, but let’s not digress. We are here specifically to give you 3 reasons winter is a great time to have LASIK. Yes, it’s bitter cold, dreary at times, and some weekends all you prefer to do is sit by the fire and watch football.  Maybe you enjoy just watching the snow fall. If you are the adventuresome type, you partake in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.  Let’s not forget winter is also filled with holiday joy.

Time for a wakeup call! If you still wear contact lenses or glasses, some of these wintertime pleasures are less than pleasurable for you.  Here are just 3 reasons winter is a great time to have LASIK.

Your Eyes will be Happier

Most of us know what it feels like when our eyes are not happy. They are scratchy, dry, and irritated and they let you know it. The bitter cold, harsh winds, and dry environment all contribute to constant discomfort, especially if you wear contact lenses. During winter we deal with:

  • Low humidity and cold winds
  • Dry air blowing in our faces as we drive our cars
  • Dry air in our homes

Everything we do to keep ourselves warm just makes the air more dry and our unhappy eyes suffer all the more. We slather on skin moisturizers, but our eyes need help too. Wearing contact lenses prevents oxygen from reaching our cornea to keep them comfortable. We keep adding moisture drops in the hopes it will help, but it is only a temporary fix.

The meds you take for allergies can also make the situation even worse. Oh and did you notice that when your eyes are dry, you really don’t see clearly?

We hear you saying: I will just wear my glasses more during winter. Why do that when you can really make your eyes happy by having LASIK.

Your Eyes will be Safer

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…. Sounds great but when you wear contact lenses, even the dry air from a fireplace can be hurtful to your eyes. Without the sufficient tear film and oxygen our eyes need to stay healthy, we can expose them to serious problems.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that progressively gets worse and eventually becomes chronic the longer we wear contacts.

If you are less than careful with how you handle your contacts, it can trigger the development of  some sight-threatening infections and corneal ulcers as bacteria gets trapped between the lenses and your cornea.

Several studies concluded that wearing contact lenses long term can be more risky than having LASIK!

Healthy eyes are safe and happy eyes.

You AND Your Eyes will have More Fun

It was only a matter of time before we would also get around to those of you wearing glasses! Of course this next part also applies to contact lenses too.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! So much of the enjoyment we get from winter revolves around winter sports and activities. More reasons why winter is a great time to have LASIK:

  • Go skiing and snow-boarding with no cares about broken glasses, lost contacts or trying to see the next tree.
  • Enjoy wintertime with children like building a snowman, sledding at the local park or having a snowball fight. No worries about damaging your glasses.
  • Wake up to the snow falling outside without groping for your glasses.
  • Never miss the look on your child’s face when they enjoy their holiday gifts.
  • Clearly see the play unfolding at a football game.
  • Even shoveling snow is a better experience without fogged up glasses.

Keep your eyes happy and healthy and have more fun too!

You can finance your surgery at Optivision Eye Care at a low monthly rate and enjoy all the holidays and fun times that come with winter. We can’t think of a better time.

Schedule your complimentary evaluation and experience how winter really is a great time to have LASIK.