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Brad Pitt

The Fight Club star is also a Sight Club member. The Sight Club for People with Awesome LASIK Vision. I know, that isn’t a real club. But if it was, you could be a member! And then you would have something to talk to Brad Pitt about! Now, you might be thinking: When would I ever meet Brad Pitt? Well, do you really want to chance running into him and not being able to break the ice? Better just get LASIK.

Kim Kardashian

For all of you trying to keep up with the Kardashians, you definitely need to invest in some laser eye surgery too. Kim famously underwent the procedure on an episode of her show and she can now see her own reflection better than ever before.

Courtney Cox

Although Courtney Cox gained her fame as Monica on Friends, she made her on-screen debut as Bruce Springsteen’s love interest in the music video for Dancing in the Dark. She isn’t just Dancing in the Dark anymore, but seeing in it too!

Reese Witherspoon

The star of Legally Blonde no longer has to worry about being legally blind (or at least having any sort of impaired vision) after undergoing laser eye surgery to improve her sight. Her surgeons did not have any Cruel Intentions when they were performing Reese’s LASIK procedure because she now enjoys excellent vision.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s eyes were made for seeing, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since she had LASIK laser eye surgery. After having her vision enhanced on her popular reality show Newlyweds, Jessica could finally see the issues in her marriage clearly and the Newlyweds became newly divorced.

Elton John

Can you feel the LASIK tonight? Sir Elton is known for his flamboyant and ridiculous eyewear choices, but he is also one of the many celebrities who have made the choice to improve their vision with LASIK. His eyesight is now just as vibrant as his personality and wardrobe!

Mel B

Are you afraid of LASIK? Well, what if I told you that Scary Spice had the procedure done to correct her vision? If you wanna have great vision, you gotta get with LASIK! Okay, that was terrible. However, Mel B DID decide to ‘spice up her life’ with the benefits of LASIK.

Drew Carey

Despite undergoing LASIK surgery to correct his famously impaired vision, Drew Carey has said that he continues to wear his signature glasses to be recognized by the public. We definitely believe that The Price is Right for our customers – Whose LASIK Is It Anyway?