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We appreciate feedback on your experience with us. Please be candid. By letting us know our areas of strength, we can build upon them. If we’ve lacked in any areas, your feedback will help us improve. Please use our contact form to leave feedback.

Patient Testimonials

“I remember the days when I had to rush to a fire and the contacts would aggravate my eyes. LASIK gives me clear vision at all times and it pays for itself not in the long run, but the short run. Thank you Optivision for the gift of vision.”
Luke S.
I found some great looking Hugo Boss sunglasses at OptiVision’s Optical Shop in Appleton. I think they look pretty cool…(my girlfriend does too!).”
Mark W.
I took an hour out of my day to have cataract surgery with the MACS HD lens and instantly had clear, bright vision. This is truly vision in high-def.
Dave P.
Coming up on 10 years since my surgery. Absolutely NO problems and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.
Bob A.
The procedure was amazingly quick and painless. The results are spectacular. The next morning my vision was 20/15! The best way to describe the improvement is that I now see the world in HD (high definition)!
Garth K.
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