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Do you envy others with beautiful long lashes? Some women seem to have full dark eye lashes even without mascara. If over the years your lashes have gotten thin and flimsy or you have lost lashes, there is now a way to reverse this. You too can grow longer fuller darker lashes with LATISSE®.

Have the dark long lashes you have always wanted. Within weeks you will see a difference. It isn’t magic; it’s LATISSE®, the cosmetic solution for your eyelashes.

LATISSE® is FDA Approved
Hypothrichosis is a medical term for inadequate lashes. You have most likely have never heard of that term before. All you really need to know is that now there is an FDA approved prescription treatment for your thin and lackluster lashes. The aging process can affect the thickness, length, and color of your eyelashes. Not just an over the counter conditioning for your lashes, LATISSE® is a medically approved treatment
Just like you lose some hair on your head, over time, you will lose lashes. The LATISSE solution will extend the growth phase of your lashes and increase the actual number of hairs.In about 16 weeks you will have the full and long lashes you see on the models and TV stars like Brooke Shields, Claire Danes and Jenny McCarthy all users of this remarkable product. You too can have that star-power look regardless of your age.

Simple Application
So how does this work? The simple application will take less than a minute a day and you will be on your way to the fuller lashes of your dreams.
• Start with clean hands and remove your contact lenses if applicable.
• Make sure you face is clean and remove all your eye makeup.
• Remove the sterile applicator from its tray and place one drop of LATISSE® close to tip of the applicator (not on the very tip)
• Next, very carefully draw the applicator along the skin at the very base of your UPPER lashes. Move from the inner part of your lash line to the outer.
• Dispose of the applicator and use another sterile one for the other eye.
• Blot away any excess solution with a tissue
Proper application is the key. Be sure not to get any solution anywhere else on your lid or skin. Remove immediately if that occurs. Always use a new applicator for each eye to prevent contamination. The best time to apply LATISSE® is at bedtime after washing your face, removing your makeup and brushing your teeth. This way it will become just another part of your nightly routine. Keep the product visible so you won’t forget to apply each evening.

What to Expect
You will begin to notice a difference in your lashes after several weeks. LATISSE® solution works gradually, and patients will not see the full results until sixteen weeks. Some patients may be tempted to stop or reduce the frequency after eight weeks, but continue to use it daily for the full sixteen weeks to see the total results. If you stop using it, your lashes will gradually return to their original state.

Once you have reached the full sixteen weeks, discuss with your specialist at OptiVision Eye Care about suggestions for ongoing maintenance. Also speak with your specialist about the common side effects of LATISSE®. About 4% of women using LATISSE reported it caused their eyes to feel itchy or to become red.

Simple Precautions
The application of LATISSE® is simple and so are the precautions when using this product. As with any prescription drug there are some dos and don’ts.
• Only use the sterile applicator supplied by LATISSE®.
• Always remove your contact lenses prior to the application of LATISSE®. You can reinsert them after about 15 minutes if you wish.
• Never apply LATISSE® to your lower lid or lash line. If any solution gets near there or in your eye, blot it away with a tissue.
• Never allow the tip of the bottle or the applicator to touch your hands, fingers or other surfaces.
• If you miss a night, don’t try to play catch up by doubling the application the next day.
• Be sure to speak with your eye care professional if you take drugs for elevated intra-ocular pressure (IOP).
For about the price of a cup of coffee you can reap the benefits of LATISSE® and you too can grow longer fuller darker lashes.
Contact OptiVision Eye Care for more information about LATISSE® and its benefits for you.