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Have you been holding your magazines and smartphone further and further away? Are you suddenly having some trouble seeing the dashboard in your car clearly? Our guess is that you are most likely around age 40-something, and what you are experiencing is quite normal. This is known as presbyopia or a loss of accommodation. As we age the lens inside our eyes begins to lose its ability to focus. Just like our muscles lose their elasticity and we cannot perform physical tasks like we did in our twenties, so it is with our eyes. Many people opt for laser vision correction to correct their visual issues, but now for a certain kind of patient there is a LASIK alternative, PanaSEE.

Let’s explain.

Who can Benefit from PanaSEE?

Everyone who finds themselves experiencing presbyopia requires reading glasses or bifocals. This has been the only remedy until recently. As you get a little older that same lens which lost its ability to focus properly will also become thicker and get cloudy. This is a cataract and it further adds to our visual problems. With a cataract our vision is diminished and everyday tasks can become more difficult. Seems like we can’t win, but now there is PanaSEE.

Patients in their 40s and 50s with presbyopia and who are nearsighted or farsighted can have their full vision restored with PanaSee: near, intermediate and distance vision.

At the same time, if those same patients are also beginning to show signs of a cataract, they can correct the eventual cataract at the same time.

Sounds too good to be true, but here is one time that it is true! Let’s review.

  • If you are beginning to experience presbyopia and loss of accommodation, PanaSEE will correct your near vision. At the same time, it will correct your nearsightedness or farsightedness. Up until now LASIK could correct the two latter issues, but not presbyopia. PanaSEE will correct them all!
  • If you are a bit older and have the beginning of a cataract, PanaSEE will correct the issues noted above AND remove the eventual cataract all at the same time.

All your visual problems corrected with one simple surgery comparable to cataract surgery.

PanaSEE for a Lifetime of Great Vision

Dr. Dudley and Dr. Clarke of OptiVision Eye Care performed the first PanaSEE procedures in Wisconsin. Always on the forefront of technology they wanted to be the first to bring their patients this remarkable breakthrough in vision correction.

Similar to a cataract procedure the old natural lens is removed. The new clear PanaSEE technology lens replaces the old one, and there are a number of lens technologies that can be performed to achieve your best vision.

The new lens will function similar to the way it did prior to presbyopia allowing for accommodation. The lens power will be customized to your needs.

Imagine not needing glasses or contacts or bifocals for that matter.  No more reading glasses. Correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia all in one procedure. This one procedure can enhance your life for many decades to come. Now there is a LASIK alternative and a standard cataract alternative too.

Contact us for a free no obligation consultation and find out if PanaSEE may be the right choice for you.