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We’re sure you’ve heard how LASIK changes lives and how LASIK is a great way to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  We’re sure you’ve heard lots of positive things about LASIK but have you ever heard someone say that LASIK is a great investment? Well, now you have and we’ll prove it!

Compare the Savings
Consider all of the money that you spend each year on prescriptions, contacts, cleaning solutions, wetting drops and allergy medications. Now multiply that number by how many more years you will continue to wear your contacts, glasses or both. We bet that if you compare that number to correcting your vision with LASIK, you will CLEARLY see why we say LASIK is a great investment!

We bet if you compare that number to permanently correcting your vision with LASIK surgery only once, you will CLEARLY SEE why we say LASIK is a great investment.

Protect Your Eye Health
Contact lenses inhibit the amount of oxygen, tear film and moisture needed for your eyes to stay healthy. The longer you wear contact lenses, the more susceptible you become to developing dry eyes, inflammations and serious eye infections.

Dry eyes lead to the need for more and more over the counter and prescription medications to alleviate the discomfort. All the money you spend on the “fixes” could be eliminated or greatly reduced by deciding to have LASIK. You can start by scheduling your Free LASIK consultation.

Time is Money
Think about how much time you spend in the morning and at night cleaning your contact lenses, keeping your case clean, and the general maintenance of your contacts. If you sometimes cheat and decide to skip the cleaning regimen or (gasp) sleep in your contacts, not only are you asking for eye issues, but adding time to your busy day when you must visit the eye doctor with an infection.

That time doesn’t include all the visits during the next decade.

Give all that time back to yourself by investing in LASIK. A one- time charge, a pre-operative free appointment and then a half dozen follow up appointment during the first year is time well spent.

Use Tax Free Money and Invest in Yourself

  •  If you are lucky enough to have a flexible spending account (FSA) at work, you can use tax free money to pay for your LASIK surgery. This is the perfect time of year to either use whatever is left in your account for 2015 and have LASIK by December, or put aside what you need for next year. Speak to your human resource manager to find out the limit for your company and their specific deadlines. Just remember to  find out if you are a candidate before you decide on the contribution. A little planning can help make LASIK a reality.
  •  Health Savings Accounts are another way to save and use pre-tax money to get laser vision correction. There is no restriction on the amount you can use so it is a great tool to make that investment in LASIK.

LASIK is an investment for a lifetime so be smart and save time, money and your vision. Contact the LASIK specialists at OptiVision Eye Care.