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Making the decision to have LASIK surgery can be an easy one for some patients. They are motivated based on their lifestyle, their age, or know others who have had great results. They are just ready! Then there are those who are less quick to make decisions, and want to do lots of research prior to making a decision to have surgery. For the second group we intend to present a fair and comprehensive review of the pros and cons of doing LASIK.  

Lasik Safety and Risk Factors


LASIK today is safer than it has ever been with the combination of the bladeless IFS femtosecond laser to create the flap and the Visx Star4 Excimer laser performing the treatment. According to the FDA It is a fast and painless way to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and reduce your need for glasses and contact lenses.

When you find a qualified and experienced surgeon, understand the risks and possible complications, and have a thorough LASIK evaluation, your safety factors go up signifi


LASIK is the most popular elective surgery in the world, but it’s is not right for everyone. Finding out if you are a good candidate is an essential factor here. Never be satisfied with a simple screening for candidacy. Get a list of possible complications in writing and ask questions to further improve your odds for great results. Education is a prerequisite.


LASIK is surgery and there is no guarantee of perfect vision. There are some complications post-surgery, most of which will diminish with time, like glare and halos at night.

Dry eyes are possible but most of these issues are short-lived. Some dry eye problems can last longer and become exacerbated post-operation. Have your dry eyes evaluated during your evaluation to mitigate this problem.  

Patients may experience over-correction or under-correction after surgery and need an additional procedure to tweak the earlier results.

Lasik Affordability Factors


It is possible to have LASIK today by financing your procedure at an affordable rate per month. Use your FSA to save on taxes to pay for in addition to financing your procedure.

Consider that having LASIK is like an investment in your future. You will have decades of good vision instead of dealing with your glasses and contacts.


Insurance plans do not cover LASIK. Realistically weigh the benefits of having eye surgery and your budget. Since it is not inexpensive decide if you can make it work without putting a burden on your family.

Lasik Lifestyle and Motivation Factors


No more glasses. No more contacts. No groping for glasses first thing in the morning. No restrictions on your everyday activities at work or play. Enjoy outdoor activities during allergy seasons without fighting with your contacts.

Experience the freedom of participating in all winter and summer sports and playing with your fur babies

Many patients see better after LASIK surgery than they ever did with their glasses or contacts.

Feel more confident when you don’t need to wear glasses all the time.


Some patients may need to wear glasses for certain activities even after surgery. Find out ahead of time if you fall into this category and weigh it against the pros.

The only other thing we can think of here is that some patients like themselves better in glasses!

Lasik Pain and Fear Factors


There is no pain during the procedure because numbing drops are administered prior. You will go home afterward to rest for several hours returning the next day for a post- operative check.

You cannot negatively affect your results. Painless eyelid holders are used to prevent you from blinking during surgery. If you should move, the eye tracker in the laser will stop the procedure and continue the treatment exactly where it left off.

There is less than a 1% chance you will experience a vision reducing complication.


Some people are truly afraid to have anyone touch their eyes. If this is a real issue for you, think carefully about proceeding. If you have issues with anxiety or take medications advise the surgeon before surgery.

Bottom Line

Consider all your individual pros and cons and then increase your odds for a successful outcome by:

  • Finding a qualified and experienced surgeon.
  • Have a thorough LASIK evaluation to eliminate anything that would disqualify you from having surgery. Not everyone is a good candidate.
  • Don’t settle for anything other than advanced technology like the femtosecond laser to make the flap and the Visx Star 4 excimer laser for the treatment.

Come for a complimentary consultation and let us explain further the pros and cons of LASIK surgery and whether it is right for you.