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Smiling schoolboy focused on doing his schoolwork well

It’s September and your kids are heading back to school. This is probably a pretty exciting time of year for your child, but it also poses some new risks to their eye health. Take the appropriate precautions and protect your child’s vision.

Hand Washing

Hands come into contact with all sorts of bacteria throughout the day and touching your eyes can easily transfer harmful germs. Make sure your child is washing their hands regularly throughout the day to avoid the possibility of pinkeye and other eye-related infections.


Kids are now looking at screens more than ever, especially in the classroom. Let your child know the importance of resting their eyes every 20 minutes to avoid eyestrain after reading a book or using a computer, tablet, or phone. Eyestrain can result in headaches, blurry vision, and nearsightedness over time if it is not avoided.

Protective Eyewear

Sports are one of the leading causes of eye injuries among children, so ensure that your child has the appropriate equipment to protect themselves. Many sports require goggles or a face mask such as swimming or hockey.


Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be damaging for adults and children. Start your children off with proper eye care by getting them sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. Exposure to UV rays can cause many serious eye-related health problems over time, including cataracts.

Get Outside

Some studies have shown that spending more time outside can actually reduce the likelihood of nearsightedness in children. Regardless, time outdoors can provide a great solution to eye fatigue by taking children’s eyes away from close work like reading or using the computer. Being outside lets our eyes focus on many different distances, decreasing the likelihood that they will tire out.

As always, keep in mind that you should do your part by setting a good example for your child. Follow these guidelines yourself as well!

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