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Fireworks are a great delight to the eyes, but you’ll want to use caution with them or you could risk harming or losing your sight. While there are some safety tips that are common knowledge, there are more than a few that you might not yet be aware of. Before you celebrate your next Fourth of July, make sure you know how to celebrate safely.

Safety First

It’s enjoyable to put on your very own fireworks show, but it’s best that you leave it to the professionals. Watching a professional fireworks show in a park is safer and lowers the chances of you accidentally harming your eyes. In any case, it’s always best that you’re at least a quarter of a mile, or five-hundred feet, from the area where the fireworks will be launched.

Watch where you’re walking before, during and after firework shows. Should you ever come across a stray or unexploded firework, do not handle it under any circumstances. You should instead call the police or fire department to take care of it instead. The reason you want to notify the proper authorities is because a child or pet like dog or cat might come across the firework and hurt themselves.

While you’re watching firework displays, pay attention to your surroundings. Studies have shown that a quarter of all eye injuries from fireworks are sustained by bystanders.

Injury Care

If you or your child ever does sustain an eye injury from a firework, there’s a certain procedure that you’ll want to follow. Avoid rubbing the eye at all costs since it can make the injury worse or increase any bleeding that there might be. It’s also best that you avoid trying to rinse out your eyes since that can also make the injury worse. If your pet has sustained injury you will need to take him to your veterinary clinic immediately.

You also might be tempted to take a pain reliever if you sustain an eye injury. The reason that this is a bad idea is because some pain relievers can act as a blood thinner and make your bleeding worse if there is any. You should instead head straight to the hospital rather than stopping for any kind of medicine.

On a related note, you also should avoid applying any kind of ointment to the wound since the ointment might be slippery, which makes it more difficult for a doctor to properly examine and treat your injury.

While kids love playing with sparklers, you have to bear in mind that sparklers burn at extremely high temperatures.

Never forget how dangerous fireworks are while you’re admiring their beauty. No matter how tempting it might be, it’s always best to leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals.