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Do you find yourself falling into bed at the end of the day, exhausted from another busy day with no energy to take out your contacts and remove your makeup? If this sounds like you, beware of the potential dangers you are inflicting on your eyes!

First let’s tackle the issue of sleeping in your contacts. It has become so easy to use these tiny little discs instead of glasses, that we have become a little too lax about ensuring their proper care and use. Whenever you wear contact lenses, you inhibit and block oxygen to your eyes. If you wear them too long, especially overnight, you are risking the development of eye infections and even corneal ulcers, which can lead to blindness. This can happen quite quickly and can become serious.

Eye makeup is another issue altogether. There is so much bacteria collecting in and around your eyes, eyelids and lashes, that keeping that area clean should be a priority. Removing all of your eye makeup every night is key in preventing any issues, which could damage those pretty peepers. If the bacteria is not addressed every single night with proper eyelid hygiene, you can develop inflammations, which result in red, swollen and itchy eyes. This condition is called Blepharitiis.  Those few minutes you saved to jump into bed can come back to haunt you!

The key to eyelid hygiene is removing all of your makeup, including liner, shadow and mascara thoroughly every night with a mild cleanser. Occasionally use some baby shampoo with a little water to wash your eyes, lids and lashes thoroughly.  Buy new eye makeup regularly and never use someone else’s eye products.

For those who wear soft contacts, it is recommended that you put them in before applying makeup. If you wear the rigid, gas-permeable lenses, wait until after you complete you makeup regime. No matter what kind of contacts you wear, take them out before you remove your makeup and clean your face.

Take the time each evening to remove your contacts and your makeup.  Your eyes will be happier, and so will you. If your eyes are becoming too dry to wear your contacts for any length of time, or are becoming uncomfortable, painful or limiting your lifestyle, perhaps you should consider having LASIK.

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