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To some of us, LASIK still seems a bit daunting and the thought of undergoing eye surgery is too scary to think about. We’ll continue fumbling with our glasses and contact lenses, too unsure about spending a sizeable amount on vision correction. For those of us who need the push, here’s why LASIK is a worthwhile investment.

It may seem like a fair chunk of money being spent all at one time, however the reason we look at it as an investment rather than “spending” is because of the return you receive, one that continues to give back years after completion.

One of the major reasons why LASIK surgery is a worthwhile investment is because of that one thing we all seek in life – convenience. Doing away with cumbersome glasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses is a huge relief from a routine we all know too well. No more contact lens solution, switching from lenses to glasses, waking up feeling fuzzy and disoriented from lack of clear vision, and running the risk of eye redness or infections from keeping lenses in too long. Water sports, beaches, traveling, and long hours at work – all of this will have you letting go of one less stress. This convenience is not short lived either, and will have you donating your glasses permanently to better causes. Getting LASIK done will dramatically change the quality of your life, how you feel, and of course, how you see.

Outside of convenience, the sheer fact that you will have your eyesight restored should be enough to have you signing a check in no time. You no longer have to stress about forgetting your glasses somewhere or running out of fresh contact lens at the onset of something important. Your eyesight is back to how it was when you were younger, a time where you could just get up and go. The feeling of being able to see clearly upon opening your eyes in the morning really is like magic. Not only will it help you gain back confidence and happiness, you will feel more relaxed and relieved.

Now for the part most of you really are wondering about – money. While convenience and confidence are great, how can you justify such a large amount? Well, rather than looking at this as a lump sum for one service, think of it as the investment that will continue to pay you back over years. Add up the cost of buying new contact lens every year, coupled with the cost of refreshing your pair of glasses every few years. Add in contact solution, prescription sunglasses, and special eye drops or make up that you have to buy that are contact lens safe. The cost of continuing to resupply all of these products will eventually, in most likely just 5 years, outweigh the cost of a one-time LASIK fee.

Additionally, your time is very precious, and with your busy life, reducing unnecessary wasted time is important. Saving time picking up supplies and running between optometrists and glasses makers will be a huge benefit for you. An independently-conducted survey found that we spend 63 hours a year putting in and taking out contact lenses, and cleaning your glasses – that amounts to more than 2 days! Saving time and money is a deal we all love to hear about. Now, that’s something to think about isn’t it?

We hope you are beginning to see (no pun intended) why LASIK is a worthwhile investment, and might consider making a change that will dramatically improve your life and your vision. Contact us today for a consultation or for more information.