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Despite some of the fluctuations in temperatures that we’ve been experiencing, summer is basically upon us and for most of us that means cottaging, vacations, and soaking up as much of the outdoors as possible. However, for contact lens or glasses-wearers, this might mean something different. Dealing with the sun, sand, and beach isn’t as stress-free as it is for others, and eyewear can definitely hinder your fun. Here’s why you need to invest in a LASIK surgery before summer!

We love the sun and with winter behind us, the chance to be outside as much as possible is too good to stay cooped up indoors. But for glasses-wearers, a lot more preparation goes into that full day of outdoor fun. Bringing along your glasses case, a cleaning cloth, lens cleaning solution, and prescription sunglasses is quite a hassle, and all that most likely won’t fit into your pockets or sling bag. Dump the baggage, and feel lighter with LASIK. You’ll be singing “I can see clearly now the rain is gone” all summer long.

While we love the feeling of sinking our feet into a nice, sandy beach, we all know how irritating sand can be when it finds its way into your shoes, beach bag, and basically everything you own. To top it off, those who wear glasses or contact lenses have an extra hassle to deal with. Not only is the sand annoying to shake out, it can irritate your eyes if even a tiny grain gets trapped underneath your lens. Switching from glasses to contact lens on the beach is tricky as the fear of dropping the contact into the sand, or having flecks of dirt on your hands while handling the lens is forever looming. Find relaxation at the beach with LASIK.

The hot sun and breezy summer days are perfect to engage in a wide range of outdoor sports. Anything from soccer, football, beach volleyball, badminton, water polo, and water skiing are great ways to spend your days. While contact lens wearers may have a one-up on glasses-wearers when it comes to land sports, they too face problems upon entering the water. That salt water that we so love is not friendly to those wearing contact lens, and the sting from a splash can be incredibly painful, not to mention damaging to your lens. Eliminating the worry of glasses falling off mid-run or painful salt water are other reasons why you need to invest in LASIK before summer.

As touched upon above, salt water and contact lens don’t really mix. If you plan on just lounging poolside, you may be okay, but swimming lengths, playing water sports, or snorkeling are all worry-inducing activities. You want to ensure your lenses don’t swim away if you accidentally open your eyes under water, and that you avoid eye infections from bacteria that thrive near water bodies. Going LASIK will keep you cool in the pool and clear eyed.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, the recovery time after your surgery is just a few days! You can still plan your vacation and have your eyesight restored – now do you see why you need to invest in LASIK before summer? Contact us for a consultation and more information.